Abbey Lee Kershaw in L.A.

After such a long, long time, we saw her again as the face of Gucci Fall/Winter 2013, while she made her return to the Fashion world, looking super in a very dark brown hair. That made me SO happy, actually I was kinda surprised to see her (My most favorite model) again, ’cause I didn’t expect that. But to be honest, I missed her and her amazing photos, so much. Though I always check out her personal photos on some special blogs, but to see her on the runways or ad campaigns is something different.

And yes, this time she was spotted hanging out with her former ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ costar, Riley Keough in Los Angeles. They were seen enjoying their time in the city, while driving a convertible car, with another friend (unknown). From the photos and that beautiful smile on her face, we can make sure that she was having a wonderful time. I also love the fact that she looks so natural with minimal makeup and a simple hair, tying it to a short ponytail. No matter what, she always looks PERFECT.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did..

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