“Dear Brigitte”

Today I’m here to confess something, that I’m SO obsessed with Brigitte Bardot. I think I’ve never told you about that before, but now I wanna share my love for her, with you all. 

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot ( Born 28 September 1934 ) is a French former actress, singer and fashion model, now an animal rights activist. She has been a big inspiration for so many girls for over a half-century, especially during the 50′s and 60′s ( And it still goes on ) – For the celebrities, she was the most favorite style icon for all “The Beatles” as the The Beatle boys’ wanted to have a girl that looked like Brigitte, like John encouraged Cynthia to have a Bardot look, and George often  compared Pattie to this French Beauty. But actually they were not the only ones, other celebrities had crush on her as well, like the amazing Bob Dylan dedicated his very first song to Bardot.

Beside being a style icon, she was one of the best known Sex Symbols of the 50′s and 60′s. She was a Bombshell in the truest sense – She owned her sexuality in the best way possible, but flaunted it. Nowadays, we can see the influence of her style on some Fashion Icons, like the supermodel, Kate Moss. Well, no one can compare to Brigitte of course, but in my opinion, Kate is the best one who can go for Brigitte style. 

In 1973 when she turned 40, after acting in so many movies and making some French-language albums, she decided to turn her attention to something very different and became an activist for animal rights ( As she was truly in love with animals since she was a child ) , something that she still continues to this day. She is 78 years old now, but her beauty and talents are undeniable, and for sure, unforgettable. 

Well, I think it’s never enough talking about her, her beauty, sexiness and her great personality, but at least, we can always love her, the way we DO now. Here are some few photos from those golden days.. Enjoy !

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