Miley by Terry

Okay, Finally it’s her turn ! The american actress and singer, Miley Cyrus, stopped by Terry Richardson’s studio recently, and they posed together for a series of colorful shots. It’s not a very long time since she changed her hairstyle to a short one, and her style as well. I’m not a fan of her at all, ’cause I feel like I’ve got nothing in common with her, but to be honest, I prefer her short hair to the previous one, when she used to have it long. Anyways, maybe the shots seems cool to some people, ( As Terry knows it ) – but they’re not that interesting for me. The only thing I like about that, is her makeup, those lots of full Eyelashes and Bold lipstick which goes perfectly with her nails. 

Maybe there are some Miley Cyrus fans around, so this post is for them.. Have a great weekend all !

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